We GENERATE BUSINESS during Off-Peak times

Our business model is never meant to cut into your peak times. Bite BC is to be used as a yield management tool to generate business specifically during your slower periods. Many other platforms allow the customer to come to the restaurant and redeem deals whenever they want. With Bite BC you allow our members to come to your venue on the days you want them there. When you use our platform, you will only gain business that you wouldn’t have otherwise garnered during your off-peak times. Adding to to your bottom line and bringing people through the door is what we do!

TAILOR the restrictions to YOUR NEEDS

Choose the offer: 50% Off the food bill or 2 for 1 meals - Discounts only apply to food, so you still make FULL markup on all DRINK SALES. Then select the restrictions you want, so that you only drive business on the days or times you want it.

Exclude certain days that you are busiest, such as Friday and Saturday evenings.

Have members call to book, in order to only let our members come by exactly when you want them to - just in case you are already fully booked.

Set the number of people per Bite membership that can use the Bite offers. Allowing for multiple diners to be enticed to come in. 

Exclude seasonal holidays where you may have events so don't need further customers.


We make our money from our memberships. So there is no cost for your restaurant to join us and being listed on our App will make your restaurant visible to thousands of potential customers.


Bite BC is a members only club, this means not just anyone will be showing up to your venue. Our advertising is targeted at 25-45 year old professionals, who are foodies and enjoy dining out regularly. NOT coupon clippers.


Bite BC exists to increase your revenue. We are so confident that it will, that if it doesn’t, you can discontinue using the platform at any time by letting us know.

We look forward to working with you. Email us at info@bitebc.ca